Yoga Therapy Explained

A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session includes the use of contemporary mind-body psychology with supported hatha yoga postures. Unlike therapy, it is self directed, non diagnostic, or outcome oriented. Unlike a yoga class, it is one-on-one, supported postures whose purpose is to help you tune into more subtle physical sensations in your body with an attitude of curiosity. A typical session is 60 to 75 minutes in length and provides you an opportunity to hone in on the skills that teach you to become your own greatest tool.  You learn skills that help you prevent increased stress, anxiety, depression,  etc. as well as skills to manage them as they show up. 

Still not sure? Check out our FB page for upcoming free demos to experience it for yourself or read this Times article featuring yoga therapy: Psychotherapy Goes from Couch to Mat 


The CWG practitioners continue to offer new information about our upcoming programs. Stay connected to find out more. 

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