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You’ve gotten clear on what you want to do and have a plan to help you get there, but you are unsure that you will be able to maintain the courage and clarity you’ve found to help you make the successful shift. You are excited and ready, but doubtful that your colleague’s questions, your wife/husband’s concerns, or your parents approval won’t sway you away from your gut instinct and ability to make the shift to follow your dreams. 


The Two-Month Intensive Coaching Program: The Work 

We will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you make a successful shift!Includes: 

  • Review of your plan and identify additional support needed.
  • Take steps forward each week in alignment with your plan.
  • Continue to identify blocks as they arise and mindfully overcome them with support 
  • Learn the 8 mindful transformation skills that will support you in listening to your gut and continue to make decisions to move forward with confidence

e’ve been there. We know what it feels like to recognize that you can have and are ready for more, but can’t help not hear the others around you question your decision and doubt your ability to succeed. Over 14 years ago, work for both of us felt off. Not right. It was time to go deeper into why it didn’t feel right and what that meant for us individually. Stepping into a practice of mindfulness and learning the sustainable skills which empowered us to courageously follow our true passions, we have successfully created two businesses. We know you can gain the clarity and confidence necessary to transform your current work opportunity into your passion.

The Two-Month Intensive Coaching Program: What it Entails

  1. 1 full-day, 8 hour intensive 
  2. 8 weeks of weekly coaching calls, 60 minutes each week 
  3. Email support directly to us throughout the 2 months

The Two-Month Intensive Coaching Program: Results

  • No longer question your direction
  • Confidently listen to your gut
  • Work in an environment that is in alignment with what you value and enjoy
  • Fear less and be able to do more
  • Know your power and your worth
  • Feel free to be yourself and succeed
  • Define, create, and live the life you want 
  • Be your own expert
  • Have transformational skills that will last you for a life time


Imagine knowing that starting today your questions would find answers.

Imagine someone already believing that you know the answers and helping support you in reconnecting to your own wisdom. 

Imagine taking care of yourself in the way that you would take care of others. 

Imagine valuing your transformational process in the way that you value your home

Imagine investing in your lifetime transformation in the way that you would invest in a piece of fine art, a new home, or car

Imagine investing in your self -education in the way that you would invest in your child’s education

The Two-Month Intensive Coaching Program: Investment

If this sounds intriguing to you yet you want to learn more or talk to us directly first, we are offering a fully complimentary “discovery call.”

Click here to schedule your 1:1 complimentary session with one of us.

You can also click here to take the leap and sign up for the 2-Month Intensive Coaching Programing with us, which will Shift your Career into your Passion.

It is our greatest honor to share this work with you and to help support you in making your mindful career shift.