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Everyone always says “Go with your gut” and “Follow your dreams” but you hear that and wonder what does that mean? How do I do that? What does my gut say? What are my dreams? How do I make that my reality? Maybe you are one of the “lucky ones” and do know what your dreams are, but you consider how hard you’ve worked in your current job, climbing the ladder, time and money spent enhancing your skills & expertise, getting promotions, and are unsure that you are able to take the leap into the unknown. 

Congratulations! Your first step to a major shift is awareness. You are aware that you are ready to learn, challenge, discover, explore and get the skills necessary to make the shift. You are ready to learn how to follow your gut and live your dreams. We will help you to feel empowered in the face of change, get the courage and clarity to find your clear path forward, identify your next steps, and support you in creating an action plan. 

We, Hallie Clark and Lyn Tally, have left successful well respected positions and know the ends and outs to stay clear to get to where you want to go. What we have learned is the biggest secret to a successful shift is building a confident relationship to YOU- body, mind, and soul. We understand the importance of mindfulness in making major decisions so one doesn’t react but rather chooses wisely. Your relationship to yourself is the basis for all transformation.

A one-day intensive with one of us is where you get a 1:1 guided support for 6 hours as we focus on you and weed through the cluttered path. It will give you the initial support, tools and confidence you desire to ensure you are opening to new possibilities, confidentially making choices, and clearly identifying your next step. 

The types of things we will cover in your one-day intensive:

  1. Personal experiences with work and how it is affecting you. 
  2. Where you are feeling stuck to make decisions. 
  3. Re-discovering your values, desires, and goals.
  4. Learn how to lead with your values, desires, and goals.
  5. Uncover your blocks to discover your truth.
  6. Learn to listen to your gut instinct and trust it. 
  7. Make decisions confidently.
  8. Be able to listen to others input without it impacting your decision.
  9. No longer feel satisfied from others input.
  10. Identify what is holding you back.
  11. Establish a clear path forward.
  12. Know exactly what to do next.

Imagine: Wake up feeling at peace with your choices. Feel excited about your day as a result of knowing that you are in charge of your reality. Feel at ease when you come across others who are unsure of what you are doing. Feel empowered to move forward because you have a clear sense of where you are going. No longer question your purpose. Feel fulfilled. Imagine going to bed at night knowing that you have tapped into the eternal source of power. YOU. A power that can never be taken away, altered, or interrupted. Imagine knowing that no matter where you are or what the circumstance is that you have the mindfulness tools to help you thrive. All of this is possible and we can help you get there. 

Successful shifts can occur when you invest in uninterrupted time dedicated to better understanding your blocks, your desires, your values, and your needs; you have an expert whose been there before to guide you along the way; establish a plan; and have support to implement the plan in a way that honors what you value. 

Investment: $2700

f you’d like to explore how we might work together during your 1-day intensive, please don’t hesitate to set up a 45-minute free discovery call here. We will discuss your current work situation, your hopes, your questions, and help you to better understand how we may serve YOU specifically. It is our greatest honor to share this work with you and to help support you in making your mindful career shift.