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You are not a cookie-cutter version of anyone else. 

Each person has their own individual needs and chemistry, especially when it comes to food. This can be frustrating when it makes us unsure of what to eat, or leads to suffering as a result of the foods we do choose. For many of us, we have come to accept that headaches, allergies, digestive troubles, fatigue, weight gain, acne, eczema, brain fog, or experiencing a weakened quality of life as we age, is normal. What if I told you that easy changes in our daily habits and nutrition choices can make all the difference in our existence and our vitality? 

Certain foods can react negatively with your unique body due to food allergies, sensitivities, or poor digestion.  When our body is triggered by a particular food, inflammation occurs, making these ailments feel worse.  Thankfully, we can find relief with an easy switch in our food.  By removing the sources of dietary inflammation, we allow our body to heal naturally as it’s designed to. The result?  Renewed vibrancy, better sleep, stable mood, weight name it.

“I started this program two weeks ago. Stephanie Burg is my Coach. I have already lost five pounds, and I haven’t even started working out yet. I feel great and Stephanie is Awesome! Highly recommended. It is not a diet it is a lifestyle change. I have learned alot. Tim is losing weight along with me. Definitely worth checking into!”
— -N.B. 2013

The Details

Join Stephanie for VH8: Vibrant Health in 8 weeks.  This 8-week mind and body transformation will help you discover which foods help your amazing body thrive, and which deplete your vibrancy.  You’ll explore your individual nutritional needs, what you should eat each day to thrive, AND you will come face-to-face with what is depleting your vibrancy.

Week 1: Commit-Intro to VH8 and Prep

Week 2: Eliminate-Eat Safely for Life

Week 3: Explore- What you Should Eat Every Day

Week 4: Discover-Your Body’s Subtle Cues and Mindful Eating

Week 5: Deconstruct-Friendly Foods + Uncovering Cravings

Week 6: The Vibrancy Key: Digestion + Fermented Foods

Week 7: Release-Alternatives to Stress Eating

Week 8: Protect-Power Foods vs. Energy Stealers + CELEBRATION