Mindfulness 101: 
Your Fast Track to Implementing Mindfulness
into Your Practice Authentically

Are you curious about mindfulness?
Are you interested in using it in your practice? 
Are you personally interested in mindfulness?

Come join Hallie Buchanan in an educational + experiential workshop where you will learn:

  • Learn an easy meditation that will help your clients with busy minds and intrusive thoughts 
  • Learn exactly what a body scan is and how to guide your clients through it
  • Learn exactly what types of mindfulness benefit which clients and be able to utilize it easefully
  • Learn my top tricks for introducing it in a palatable way 
  • Experience mindfulness meditation + body scan + breathing yourself and explore the benefits + hang up's 
  • Gain guided scripts for you to use and learn my top tricks for making them natural to you
  • Be prepared with answers to questions about mindfulness that typically hang's clinician's up 

Leave with new resources and actual skill sets that you can implement right away in a manner that feels natural to you.