Yoga Therapy Session

A yoga therapy session offers space to reconnect to yourself. When you begin your yoga therapy sessions, Lyn Tally or Hallie Clark create a space for exploring the themes necessary to gain greater clarity in your life.  As you work through these themes, you shine a light on what's happening below the surface -- in your body, your own voice, your emotions, and your relationship to life's challenges.  From the discoveries you make, you help  build connections that bring out your strongest, best self. 

Because yoga therapy is an experiential practice -- meaning everyone has a different experience -- your first two sessions introduce you to yoga therapy and what it can offer you. CWG recommends receiving four sessions to determine whether the yoga therapy process is a good fit for you. After your first four sessions, a yoga therapy practitioner continues to work with you on relevant themes and, ultimately, guides you in developing the tools and mental space that will allow you to maintain equilibrium in your daily life.

Benefits include:

  • Connect to your body
  • Discover your voice
  • Learn your stress triggers & how they can serve you
  • Feel empowered
  • Take steps aligned with your true self
  • Slow down your thought process
  • Increase your energy
  • Develop your own self-care regimen