Health Coaching

Charleston Wellness Group Programs revolve around 4 main principles of Stress Management: Nutrition (Eat), Exercise (Move), Relaxation (Relax), and Self Care (Nurture). 

The Eat principle empowers clients with simple steps for eating healthy, whole foods that are energizing and nourishing. 

The Move principle is all about physical activity ~ getting the body moving in order to be strong, calm, and happy! 

The Relax principle is mindful stress-management and teaches ways to simplify and create more space in our busy lives.

The Nurture principle includes self-care and ways to truly treat yourself in order to heal and rejuvenate the mind and body.

In these programs you will learn how to create balance by mindfully navigating the changes in your everyday life. Each session will include Education, Practice, and Integration of new skills to empower you and your business to thrive not just survive. 

Learn how to slow down, simplify, and listen in order to make mindful choices that promote energy, fulfillment, longevity, and success.