Trust who?

There are times when we trust unconsciously and times where trust is the number one factor keeping us from accomplishing a simple task. If you are struggling with trust, consider sitting with the word trust in relationship to yourself. Follow these simple steps around TRUST and learn from your own experience.

First, bring the word TRUST into your body. Where did you go first? Your heart, head, legs, arms? Just observe. No need to judge where you landed. Do you TRUST this part of your body? Try to let the answer be the answer. Accept whether you trust or do not trust this part of your body.

Now, move to another part of your body. Consider the sides, back, front, top, even bottom of your body. Observe TRUST in this part of your body. Breath into this observation. Trust or not, let it be.

Remain present in your body but articulate to yourself what you realized in your body about TRUST. What about the word TRUST and YOUR BODY stand out? This simple exercise is enough for you to become aware of your relationship to TRUST.

Trusting yourself is one of the main ways to be able to trust others. Trusting yourself may take a few "trust fall fails" and you may stumble and fall flat on your face.

But be vulnerable to yourself so you can for a trust fall with yourself and others.

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