Befriend Stress One-on-One

A 7-Week Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Program for the individual participant.

The BEFRIEND STRESS One-on-One program is a great introduction to yoga therapy.  In this one-on-one program, you will meet at a designated and convenient time once a week with a CWG yoga therapy practitioner for a 75 minute yoga therapy session. Each week focuses on a different stress management tool that is incorporated into your session through yoga, meditation and dialogue that results in a personalized action plan each week.

Is this program for me?

Yoga Therapy is a modality for the people and there are no exclusions. If, however, you are unclear as to whether or not it is for you, here are a few areas that we know our Befriend Stress one-on-one program will be useful.

  • Adjunct to traditional counseling
  • Healing modality for body focused ailments or injuries (Cancer Survivors, Trauma, Eating Disorders etc.)
  • Interested in additional mindfulness tools to effectively manage stress
  • Desire to increase self empowerment through increased knowledge of your own body, mind, and spirit

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What's Included?

  • Over 8 hours with an expert in the field of mindful stress management. 
  • An interactive course manual. 
  • Audio materials, a video yoga practice, guided meditations and more.  


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