Befriend Stress:

A 6-Week Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Program

Our BEFRIEND STRESS program is an intensive series intended to deepen your understanding of your individual signs and symptoms of stress. Learn how to effectively manage stress while you understand your stress response style, and confidently take on the challenges life offers. 

The BEFRIEND STRESS program meets once a week for the designated program time. Each week focuses on a different theme and includes yoga, meditation and a group discussion.

In addition to the weekly sessions, a One-Day Retreat, a powerful component of the series, is offered mid-way through the program on a Saturday or Sunday. The retreat offers an opportunity to pause and assess your increased insight into your stress cycle through silent meditation, journaling, and discussion.

The Befriend Stress series includes five programs. The original program focuses on general Stress while other areas of focus include stress in Career, Body, Relationships, and Transition. 

When you complete the program, you will:

  • Learn to effectively manage stress
  • Confidently take on the challenges life offers
  • Understand your stress response style
  • Learn how to feel calm and empowered when managing everyday stressors

Space limited to 14.  

Register online or call 843.580.4294
For questions contact  

What's Included?

  • Over 20 hours with two experts in the field of mindful stress management. 
  • An interactive course manual. 
  • Weekly audio materials, including personalized yoga practices, guided meditations and more.  

Plus, included in the cost, a One-Day Silent Retreat! Participants also experience a one-day silent group retreat on the Saturday following the fourth week. Location to be announced. 



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