Our Mission

Befriend Stress to De-Stress. By emphasizing self-education and self-empowerment through mindful practices including yoga therapy, counseling, health coaching, and yoga, the Charleston Wellness Group helps you build a healthy relationship to your everyday stress. 

Our Space

We are located inside of Mission Yoga at 125 Spring Street, Charleston SC. Currently, we have two offices. For yoga therapy and health coaching, enter through the studio. For counseling, enter through the side door located on Ashley Avenue.

Our Team

Charleston Wellness Group LLC was founded out of the desire for the individual who may or may not be exposed to yoga therapy, counseling, health coaching, or yoga, but interested in finding a long term solution to living with stress.  Stress is a part of all our lives, but not all stress is bad. Culturally, we tend to define stress as "distress" or unpleasant circumstances and feelings, which results in an oversight of what is referred to as "eustress" or good stress. Increased stress results in increased productivity to a point, which is essential to optimal functioning in our lives. Once we have reached the threshold for optimal functioning, our response to stress declines resulting in fatigue, illness, injury, and mental health concerns. Each of us experience a different threshold for optimal functioning and many are not in tune with the subtle signs and triggers of stress overload until it is too late. At this point, we begin to experience distress.  CWG provides individuals with mindful practices to assist you in tuning into your body and mind to learn and use tools that will help you identify your own signs and symptoms of stress overload. Our hope is that you will become your ultimate tool for stress management.

We are a group whose experience has shaped us to create an environment that mirrors our own method of self healing and transformation. We are fun, laid back, authentic, and open minded. Feel free to stop by, chat, ask questions to get to know us and what we are offering. Even better, come check us out and let your experience be your guide!

Hallie Clark | Co Founder, MA, LPC, Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

Hallie Clark graduated from the Citadel Masters program with a M.A. in Clinical Counseling in 2008. After completing her masters, she decided to pursue further training and completed her certification as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist.

An avid yogi herself, she felt that the connection to the body was missing in a degree heavily focused on the psyche.  

Hallie is passionate about being authentic, clear, and relaxed in her approach to yoga therapy and counseling.  Grounded, down to earth, and playful, she believes that making the unapproachable approachable allows everyone access to themselves in an empowering manner. Always striving for the balance between being tuned in and being pulled out by life, you'll find Hallie taking walks, practicing yoga, laughing as often as possible, checking out design stores, trying new restaurants, reading, painting, playing with her dog Lillie Nelson, and of course working with the beautiful people that come into her world. Hallie will be offering yoga therapy and holistic counseling.


Lyn Tally | Co Founder,  CYT-500, Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

Lyn Tally, originally from Columbia, SC, has been a charleston implant since returning from a professional ballet career in 2002. She attended the College of Charleston and later became a certified yoga teacher at the 200 hour level. 

Lyn has been offering yoga classes all around town ever since, which inspired her to create her own traveling yoga studio, Go Interactive Wellness, a company geared towards offering yoga and barre classes at corporate sites.

Lyn's gone on to become a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and Group Facilitator, taking on additional 1100 hours in training, in an effort to evolve her practice and expand her horizon for helping others to create change.

Those who know her love her. She lights up a room with her infectious smile and is known to break down and dance when the mood strikes. She currently resides in Park Circle and has become a beloved member of their wellness community. She is excited to be a part of Charleston Wellness Group LLC and make her way back downtown.