About Me

Hallie Buchanan | Co Founder, MA, LPC, Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

Hallie graduated from the Citadel Masters program with a M.A. in Clinical Counseling in 2008. After completing her masters, she decided to pursue further training and completed her certification as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist.

An avid yogi herself, she felt that the connection to the body was missing in a degree heavily focused on the psyche.  

Hallie is passionate about being authentic, clear, and relaxed in her approach to yoga therapy and counseling.  Grounded, down to earth, and playful, she believes that making the unapproachable approachable allows everyone access to themselves in an empowering manner. Always striving for the balance between being tuned in and being pulled out by life, you'll find Hallie taking walks, practicing yoga, laughing as often as possible, checking out design stores, trying new restaurants, reading, painting, playing with her dogs Lillie Nelson & Maizy, and of course working with the beautiful people that come into her world. Hallie will be offering yoga therapy and holistic counseling.

My Philosophy

I explored many different paths long before arriving at this one. I knew like many others that helping people was something I was passionate about. Counseling was mentioned to me on numerous occasions as a path that would be well suited, but to be perfectly frank, I was not convinced it was effective. My experiences and observations had me questioning the process and when I found my way to graduate school, I set out on a personal mission to make my work both effective and empowering.

It is my intention to focus on helping individuals move forward rather than so heavily relying upon the past. Using mindfulness to support us all in learning how to be present to what IS and relying on tools that connect you with your own inner guidance that will empower you to understand what IS and know how and in what way you are guided to move forward. I believe in the power of self knowledge, taking the time to understand that we are all unique individuals and what may work for one does not work for all. Only you know what is truly best for you, but without the structure of learning how to tune into yourself, get clear on your experience, and grow beyond your current circumstances towards healing, it can be difficult to feel sure of yourself.

My therapeutic process is one that is collaborative, educational, and inspired. It is my greatest goal to help individuals tap into the power of themselves as a whole, looking beyond their current experience of anxiety, depression, etc. to realize that as a human being they are multi-faceted. By tapping into our own expansive perspective of ourselves, we naturally begin to heal. I utilize cognitive behavioral strategies, mindfulness, and additional eclectic approaches to support the individual in becoming the best version of themselves. I have learned the hard way that in order to make this work effective, I can't do all of the work. You have to commit to showing up, owning your piece of the pie, and practicing the tools, while I commit to showing up, providing the structure, the support, the tools, and the insight. I am here to make this process one that is natural, inviting, inspiring, and educational. 

Contact Me

If you feel you would be a good fit for this work, please feel free to reach out to me. If you are unsure, have questions, or are just curious about the process, I am here to answer your questions. Email is usually the best way to reach me, but please feel free to call and leave a voicemail using our confidential system. Either way I will get back to you as soon as possible. 



The Space

We are located just over the bridge in Mount Pleasant, SC at 860 Lowcountry Blvd Suite B.

Tucked away in a quiet spot with ample parking. Our space is easy to access no matter which direction you are coming from. 

The Mission

Befriend Stress to De-Stress. By emphasizing self-education and self-empowerment through mindful practices including yoga therapy, counseling, and health coaching Charleston Wellness Group helps you build a healthy relationship to your everyday stress.